You are browsing for an accommodation for you family/friends of 5-7 people, to spend a great time in Copenhagen. You are probably looking at:

You have found us!!


Some travel sites charge the full amount for your stay- in advance. But typically you make the reservation and pay when you arrive. At Copenhagen Houseboat, we do both, meaning, we can charge for your stay accepting Master Card, VISA and cash in local currency. But we have also made agreements with some travel agencies to handle payments and commissions.


For now, we do not ask for a deposit. Simply because we are happy to say that 99% of our guests treat our ferry with respect.

Confirmation email:
YOU will receive a confirmation email from Copenhagen Houseboat
We will ask for your exact expected arrival – and departure time.


Later than 2:30 pm

Check-out before 10:30 AM.
If we haven’t any same day bookings, we will be flexible. If your departure flight or transportation is much later than check-out, we will try to help storing your luggage.


Arriving at Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup)

Transportation from the airport to Copenhagen Houseboat:
Taxi: Outside arrival terminal (3) takes about 25 minutes (no negotiations with the taxi-driver needed)
Price: about 250 DKK, €35, $38

1. At the end of the arrival Terminal- Follow the signs- and you can take the Metro.
Price: 3 zones per. Person cost 36 DKK, €4,8, $5,3 for adults
2. Take the only direction possible: VANLØSE.
3. Your stop is: CHRISTIANSHAVN station.
4. From there you have a beautiful 10-minute walk along the canals to the houseboat.

Arriving by car:
You can drive directly to the ferry.
GPS instructions: Denmark, Copenhagen, Address: Langebrogade 1A (the only REAL ship in the area :)

Public Parking (Green Zone 3300)

DKK Prices:
Mon-Fri, 08-18, 18kr/hour
Mon-Fri, 18-23, 11kr/hour
Mon-Fri, 23-08, 3kr/hour

Sat, 00-08, 3kr/hour
Sat,08-17, 18kr/hour
Sat, after 17:00, FREE

Sun, FREE parking


You will receive two sets of keys- and information where to leave them at your departure
Payment for your stay in advance (we accept: Master Card, VISA and cash in local currency)
other practical information.
If you have particular needs or questions- don’t hold back.
Søren Terkelsen, your contact, will welcome you to the ship. When he leaves, you have the ferry to yourself!


First of all we hope you have had a fantastic time with us. And we hope you will come back one day!

In general:
You don’t have to clean the ferry completely. But we urge you to respect the ship and leave her behind in a nice way.
A cleaning service will take over as soon as you have left. But remember to:

  • Leave the trash outside still on the ferry- we will take it away.
  • Fill and start the dishwasher- and leave the kitchen clean.
  • Linen and towels, leave them as is..
  • Food and beverages- leftovers:
  • You don’t have to throw out food or drinks- leftovers. We will assist and choose. Maybe the new guests will enjoy some of your leftovers.

Ferry check-up:
Remember to lock all doors and double check all rooms for your belongings. If you forget anything of value, we will help you getting it back. And we will keep you updated.
Leave the keys where instructed.


General safety onboard:

  • M/S Arno II was in drydock in 2013, with a ten years license.
  • Diver inspection checking the hull every half year
  • Fire alarms everywhere
  • Eight fire extinguishers
  • Safety kit
  • New ropes are everywhere keeping the ferry safe in all weather and winds. Three lines aft, three lines in the front.

Kids and safety:

  • The ship used to be a 250 pax. passenger ferry.
  • There are safeguards everywhere outside on the decks. 1.20 m.
  • Stairs can be steep for 1-2-year-olds.

Dogs and pets:
We love dogs, and you can bring your dog anytime. But we will be sad if they scratch our doors or bite the furniture.
If this happens, we will ask for compensation.

Please treat our ferry with respect. And we urge you to understand the importance of this because of:
1. Safety reasons
2. Damage to our ferry
3. Cleaning service- most likely new guests will arrive shortly after. Please respect this

IF you break things- what to do?
Depending on the damage, we will discuss how to solve a situation like this.

Missing information- please comment



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